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VP, Engineering, Product & AI
Eli Gill is the Vice President of Engineering, Product and AI at Paro, an AI-powered marketplace that delivers finance, accounting and AI solutions to businesses through a combination of expert fractional talent, data-driven tools, and guiding insights. Eli has worked in the AI and machine learning field for over 10 years and served for five years as a limited term lecturer in the subjects of machine learning, data science, and AI at Purdue University. He holds an MS in Computer, Information and Network Security from DePaul University and earned his MBA from Purdue University.
01 May 2024 09:45 - 10:30
Workshop | AI and the CFO: Separating Promise from Reality
Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize business analytics and decision-making. However, the hype around chatbots and “generative AI” often obscures the practical realities of implementing tailored AI solutions to drive real business impact. In this interactive workshop, we will demystify AI for CFOs and finance executives by showcasing real-world examples beyond basic dashboards. Demonstrations will show how predictive models and generative algorithms can work in tandem to solve finance challenges. This will spotlight AI’s vast potential while exposing common pitfalls to avoid. Attendees will experiment first-hand with AI-powered finance tools to surface key questions when evaluating AI for their organization. We will emphasize the indispensable role of data infrastructure and the right expertise in successfully operationalizing AI over the long term. Participants will leave better equipped to separate the promise from the hype around AI and more prepared to build the proper data foundations to fuel AI success.