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Fractional CFO
Paro Network
Arjun's career in finance, accounting, and operations has been a journey of connecting the dots between numbers and business functionality, demonstrating the critical role of financial acumen in driving operational excellence. This unique blend of expertise has been the cornerstone of his professional path, spanning a variety of sectors including wholesale, real estate, property management, and diverse start-ups. In these roles, he's honed his skills in not just mastering the principles of accounting and finance, but also in integrating these principles with operational strategies to enhance business efficiency, growth, and sustainability. His specialty is driven by precision and strategic insight to create a harmonious relationship between finance and operations, ensuring they work together seamlessly to achieve business objectives. In his current role, he wears various hats but operates within strategic finance and operations for companies, offering data-backed insights and guidance through the weeks on business performance along with various organizational challenges. His commitment to thought leadership is reflected in his contributions to discussions on finance, leadership, operations, and entrepreneurship, aimed at inspiring a paradigm shift within these domains.
01 May 2024 14:00 - 14:30
Panel | Who Is the Modern CFO? A Changing Role in the Era of AI
Learn how intelligent technologies, including AI, are reshaping the CFO role, moving beyond compliance to strategic business advisory. Attendees will gain insights from the latest Paro Future of Finance Survey, revealing the growing importance of strategic vision in a modern CFO; delve into the critical skills defining the modern CFO; and hear how today’s CFOs are meeting the evolving needs of future-focused companies.